Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final
7 April 2021, 19:30



1 : 1



"Bulgarian army" Stadium, Sofia



Match Center

SEASON 2020/21, Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final

Ludogorets achieved an even score against CSKA-Sofia

7 April 2021

The CSKA-Sofia – Ludogorets match ended with an even 1:1 score. The Bulgarian Cup semifinal rematch next week will decide which team will continue forward.

Koch allowed a mistake as soon as the game began and Tekpetey stole the ball from him. He entered the home team’s penalty zone but CSKA responded when Sinclair tried to score. Kahlina caught the ball.

Caicedo outplayed Verdon and Sa but fell down in Ludogorets’ penalty zone. The referee decided there was no penalty. Sotiriou was injured and signaled that he needed to be replaced. Manu entered the pitch minutes later.

CSKA-Sofia was cautious but tried to apply pressure on the opponent as well. Ludogorets created calculated attacks but there was no real pressure. Maziku sent the ball towards the center in the 41st minute. Caicedo outplayed Verdon and Cicinho and sent the ball straight to the ground. It ricocheted and went straight to Kahlina’s hands. Enrique tried to score seconds later and Tiago did the same from the direct free kick point but Kahlina punched the ball back.

Maziku raised the ball in the air in the 50th minute and Caicedo outplayed everyone again. Still, he did not score, as Kahlina caught the ball again. Cauly passed the ball to Manu in the 53rd minute but Turitsov knocked him down. The referee decided there was no reason for a penalty but it was clear that there was. Enrique tried to score after that but the keeper saved again. Tekpetey left the pitch after his second yellow card. Sinclair was injured by him and left the pitch as well. CSKA-Sofia scored in the 77th minute when Yomov passed the ball to Jefferson who redirected it to Tiago who scored. Cauly evened the score in the 83rd minute after Despodov sent him the ball.


1:0 Tiago (77‘)
Cauly (83‘)

CSKA-SOFIA Busatto, Maziku, Matey, Coch, Turitsov, Jefferson, Youga, Enrique (66 –Yomov), Tiago, Sinclair (66 – Keita), Caicero

LUDOGORETS: Kahlina, Cicinho, Verdon, Sa, Ikoko, Santana, Anicet, Tekpetey, Wanderson (66 – Despodov), Oliveira, Sotiriou (14 – Manu (87 – Keseru))

Yellow Cards Turitsov, Jefferson (CSKA-Sofia); Cicinho, Tekpetey (Ludogorets)

Red card: Tekpetey (Ludogorets)




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