League table Parva liga, 37th round
1. Ludogorets 82
2. Cherno more 75
3. CSKA-Sofia 67
4. Levski 64
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 58
6. Krumovgrad 49

Schematic and access instructions

Huvepharma Arena

Dear fans,

At Huvepharma Arena stadium there is a control-passage regime which is fully compliant with the requirements of the regulation on licensing of sports facilities. 7 entrances have been built, which have sufficient capacity to accommodate the rhythmic entry of the public into the stadium. In order for your access to Huvepharma Arena to be easier and more comfortable, you must follow several recommendations:

  • Buy tickets for the relevant match at the box office of the "Gnezdo na Orli" Sports Center or the ticket office on Vasil Levski street, which is open on the day of each match. This will avoid queues in front of the stadium entrances.
  • The stadium opens 2 hours before the start of each match. If possible, come early and don't wait until the last minute.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the entrances and the fastest way to reach your ticketed seat.



  1. Holders of club cards and tickets for the Central Tribune have the opportunity to reach their seats from sector A1. Follow the signs.
  2. Holders of club cards and tickets for sector A1 enter at a separate entrance on Prof. Ilya Petrov street.
  3. For holders of club cards and tickets for sector B, there are two separate entrances - at either end of the sector with the largest capacity. The entrances are located on Vasil Levski street. Longer Ludogorets fans knows the entrances as the park entrances.
  4. Holders of club cards and tickets for sector V (Moti tribune) enter from an entrance that is separate to the lower entrance of sector V.


Please follow the signs and you will find your way around easily.


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