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Transfers 14 June 2021

Ludogorets and Grigore part ways

PFC Ludogorets and the defender Dragos Grigore decided to part ways with a mutual agreement.

Club 13 June 2021

Ludogorets trained twice on Sunday

Ludogorets trained twice on Sunday – at 10:00 AM and at 6:00 PM. All the players took part in both events.

Interview 12 June 2021

Igor Plastun: I returned to a club that has given me a lot

Igor Plastun answered a few questions after Cosmin Moti introduced the new player:

Club 12 June 2021

Ludogorets introduced Plastun

Igor Plastun was officially introduced by the technical director of the club – Cosmin Moti.

Club 11 June 2021

Igor Plastun joined Ludogorets’ training session

Igor Plastun arrived in Austria and immediately joined the team for a training session at the football pitch of Das Sieben hotel at Bad Haring.

Transfers 11 June 2021

Igor Plastun returned to Ludogorets

Igor Plastun is back at Ludogorets. The club management and the Belgian club Gent agreed on the transfer and the Ukrainian defender returned to Ludogorets.

Club 10 June 2021

Ludogorets trained in Austria

Ludogorets’ first training session in Austria is now a fact.

Club 10 June 2021

The Aurubis summer training camp ended with a huge champions’ cake

The Aurubis summer training camp’s finale was celebrated with a champions’ cake.

Club 10 June 2021

Ludogorets prolonged their partnership with efbet

The ten-time champion of Bulgaria and efbet renewed their partnership contract for another three years, meaning that efbet’s logo will be placed on...

Club 9 June 2021

The kids participating in the Aurubis summer training camp toured Huvepharma Arena

All the kids who came to Razgrad to learn the secrets of football had the chance to visit Huvepharma Arena stadium. They explored the facility and...

Club 8 June 2021

More than 60 children joined the Aurubis summer training camp in Razgrad

An excess of 60 kids from Northeast Bulgaria and the town of Pirdop came to Razgrad to join the Aurubis summer training camp organized by Aurubis and PFC Ludogorets for the sixth time.

Club 8 June 2021

Ludogorets takes off to Austria on Thursday noon

Ludogorets will fly to Austria today (Thursday, June 10) at noon. The champions will board a Lufthansa plane to Munich at 1:05 PM.

Club 7 June 2021

Part of Ludogorets’ players underwent medical examinations

Some of Ludogorets’ players underwent medical examinations before the start of the summer training season

Transfers 7 June 2021

Ludogorets introduced Sergio Padt and Claude Gonçalves

Ludogorets’ management organized a press conference prior to the start of the new season.

  • Ludogorets
    Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 19:00
    Frendlies, A Team
    Kufstein Stadium, Austria

League table efbet League, 32nd round
First six
1. Ludogorets 1945 70
2. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 60
3. CSKA 59
4. Arda (Kardzhali) 52
5. CSKA 1948 47
6. Beroe (St. Zagora) 39
Second eight
A group
1. Cherno more (Varna) 45
2. Levski (Sofia) 41
3. Tsarsko selo 37
4. Botev (Plovdiv) 32
B group
1. Slavia (Sofia) 34
2. Botev (Vratsa) 30
3. Montana 28
4. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 28

League table Second league, 34th round
1. Pirin (Blagoevgrad) 65
2. Lokomotiv 1929 (Sofia) 62
3. Septemvri (Sofia) 56
4. Ludogorets II 50
5. Sportist 2009 (Svoge) 49
6. Hebar (Pazardzhik) 48
7. Litex (Lovech) 39
8. Sozopol 39
9. Minyor (Pernik) 39
10. Strumska Slava (Radomir) 34
11. Yantra 2019 (Gabrovo) 34
12. Septemvri (Simitli) 33
13. Dobrudja 1919 (Dobrich) 30
14. Neftohimic (Burgas) 27
15. Lokomotiv (G. Oryahovitsa) 25
16. Kariana (Erden) 31
17. Vitosha (Bistritsa) 0

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