Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final
7 April 2021, 19:30



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SEASON 2020/21, Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final

Dominic Yankov: Ludogorets is ready for the CSKA-Sofia match

6 April 2021

Dominic Yankov gave an interview for the club television prior to the CSKA-Sofia – Ludogorets match for the Bulgarian Cup.

“Ludogorets is ready for the upcoming match, as well as for the rest of the championship matches. I believe we will perform great. The long pause will not have a negative effect. We all trained well. We are ready”, Yankov said.

“We are not worried about the opponent’s new coach. Our preparation is more important. There are strong teams this season. Everyone is eager to defeat us. It is a hard championship”, the player added.

“I believe that a Bulgarian team will play at a big international forum one day. There are many talented players here”. He concluded.

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Dambrauskas: I expect to see a different CSKA-Sofia

5 April 2021

The coach of Ludogorets Valdas Dambrauskas spoke at a press conference prior to the CSKA-Sofia – Ludogorets match for the Bulgarian Cup.

- Will Ludogorets be cautious or brave? 
- Hello. I want us to be active and to find the perfect balance. This match is the first half and the rematch will be the second. We had a long pause but we trained hard.

- How will you prepare for this match?
- We will not be focused on Tsarsko Selo. This is the first match of the new team with the new coach. All characteristics will be different. We will prepare for what CSKA might bring us.

- What is Nedyalkov, Iliev, and Dyakov’s condition? 
- They are all in training mode and close to full recovery. Dyakov is likely going to play in the upcoming match.

- CSKA is usually successful against Ludogorets on their home pitch.
- We must not let the past throw a shade on the present. We do not need to think about statistics or the Cup. History is meant to be changed.

- How different do you expect CSKA to be?
- Трябва да сме готови да посрещнем всичко, което ни дава ЦСКА. I expect a different match. The coach is different and we only know the previous one’s methods. When a new coach comes, the mood and the philosophy will be different.


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