Interview 17 April 2018

Dimitar Dimitrov: I expect a serious battle against Beroe

The coach of Ludogorets Dimitar Dimitrov spoke in a press conference on Tuesday about the upcoming home game against Beroe on Wednesday, as well as...

The coach of Ludogorets Dimitar Dimitrov spoke in a press conference on Tuesday about the upcoming home game against Beroe on Wednesday, as well as about the game with Botev (Plovdiv) in Komatevo on Saturday.

- Mr. Dimitrov, Ludogorets is on a winning spree; do you expect it to continue against Beroe?
- I hope so, of course. Every game is extremely important. We have seven rounds until the championship ends and there are 21 points to win. We will seek the maximum result.

- After the last games most people think that Ludogorets has already won in advance; is it possible for your team to underestimate Beroe?
- I don’t think we have already won and I am trying to explain to the players that nothing is for sure. We have a lot of games until the end and we must have a serious attitude towards them, because things change fast in football. We need to have focus.

- What do you expect from the game with Beroe, since they are third overall? Does this change the way you see the game in any way?
- In the playoffs we face the leading teams and Beroe is strong this season; they are a balanced team capable of quality football. We have defeated them twice with a total score of 3:0, but the games were very tough. I expect a serious battle with Beroe.

- In a few days after the game with Beroe you will meet Botev. How will this affect the team composition?
- Some rotations may be needed, but out group is not that big. After Anicet’s injury and Swierczok’s problems the players are 16 in total. We will think about the rotations immediately before the games.

- Have thought about the game against Botev yet?
- I prefer to focus on the game against Beroe. Every game is important and I already said that we have seven more to come. After the one with Beroe we will focus on Botev. Beroe is a serious competitor and we must think about it.

- When will you be more certain about the title?
- I cannot be sure right now; it depends on the upcoming results. When we become champions on theory, I will be more relaxed, as well as the players, too. Right now we must remain focused.

- You are part of the club since August 2017; what were you able to change until now? What are you proud of and is there something you don’t like? Is the team’s performance matching your vision?
- I will answer these questions after the end of the championship, because everything could happen during these seven remaining games. I will be more specific at the end of the season.

- Do you have issues with the players right now?
- Swierczok and Anicet are out, and Anicet will undergo surgery, so he will not be able to play for a longer time, and he is important to us, but injuries are a part of the game.

- Does this mean that players from the second team may join the first one?
- Of course it is possible, despite the fact they have their own matches to play. Ludogorets II has a game on Thursday, which is part of the Second professional league. For the match against Levski we had a 16-year-old player in the group. Giving a chance to young talents is embedded in our philosophy.

- Do you observe Ludogorets II and the youth formations’ performance? What are your impressions of them?
- I do follow them and I think they are going into the right direction. I see qualities and potential in them and this is why we had some of the boys with us during the training camp in Turkey. Slavcho Kovachev and Dominik Yankov played along the other main players in the trial games and they showed good skills. In my opinion they have a bright future and need to improve even more.

- Do you think that the First professional league is organized in the right way?
- Look, this is a complicated question and I cannot give a straight answer. There are pros and cons. There is a certain organization and we must go along. I have my second thoughts, but things are never ideal.

  • Ludogorets
    Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 18:45
    Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final
    Huvepharma Arena Stadium, Razgrad

League table Parva liga, 29th round
1. Ludogorets 69
2. Cherno more 61
3. CSKA-Sofia 60
4. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 53
5. Levski 51
6. Botev (Plovdiv) 41
7. Krumovgrad 40
8. CSKA 1948 39
9. Arda 39
10. Slavia 33
11. Beroe 32
12. Hebar 30
13. Pirin (Blagoevgrad) 29
14. Lokomotiv (Sofia) 28
15. Botev (Vratsa) 19
16. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 13

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