Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
26 July 2023, 21:45



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Olimpija (Ljubljana)

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Olimpija (Ljubljana)

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SEASON 2023/24, Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage

Ivaylo Petev: Olimpija is a good team, but everything depends on us

26 July 2023

Ludogorets coach Ivaylo Petev gave a press conference before hosting Olimpiйa Ljubljana in the second qualifying round of the Champions League.

"We can't choose the conditions, we hope it will be a bit cooler at 21:45, but no matter what the temperature will be, it will be the same for both teams. We have a very serious opponent in front of us, so we have to present ourselves at a level and get a good result," Petev began.

Regarding the bad start of the season, he commented: "Such moments happen to every team. I hope we have learned from both losses. Our last two games showed that we have found the right rhythm. I believe in all the boys who will take part, that they will perform at a high level. The truth was that we played shamefully. We have to tell ourselves the truth and keep it in our ear and know that when we don't approach with concentration, it is very likely that such results will happen".

"I watched a lot of Olimpija games. They have a new coach for a month and a half now. Every person is different. I said at the beginning that this is a pretty good team. They have a lot of good players, but it is important how we will allow them to develop their potential. It all depends on us. When you go through hard times, you have to learn a lesson. This has already been experienced by us. We played two good games with energy and I think the boys will perform good," Petev said.

"When it all comes down to Sundberg, you'll be the first to know. The match is important. Everyone can say what they want and they have every right to do it. You know how things happen with us - when there is something sppecific, it will be known. Kwadwo Duah is ready to play against Olimpija. It is quite possible to have outgoing transfers with us. The transfer window ends in a month and a half, so anything can happen," he added.

"Everyone puts effort into training. I decide who will play when. I'm happy with the group, but it's important in the matches," Petev added when asked about Todor Nedelev.

Organization and security measures before Ludogorets - Olimpija (Ljubljana)

25 July 2023

PFC Ludogorets informs all fans who will watch live the first match of the II preliminary round of the Champions League against the Slovenian champions Olimpija (Ljubljana) on Wednesday (July 26th) at 09:45 pm that on the same day Huvefarma Arena stadium opens at 07:45 pm. The club reminds that tickets are currently sold at the club base in Razgrad, as well as at the ticket office on Vasil Levski street. Today it will be open until 6:00 pm, and tomorrow (July 26) from 10:00 am until the start of the match. Tickets are also sold online at .

The club urges fans to come to the stadium early to ease the admission regime.

Ludogorets reports that intoxicated fans, with weapons, dangerous objects, pyrotechnics, lighters, bottles, as well as bottles of perfume and deodorant, will not be allowed at Huvepharma Arena. Racist chants as well as the use of lasers from the stands during the match are absolutely prohibited. PFC Ludogorets reminds that all supporters are subject to a thorough check at the entrances and prohibited items will be confiscated.

Those attending with persons under the age of 18 must submit a completed guardian declaration. These are handed out in person when buying a ticket. If necessary, a link can be used, which is in the online ticket purchase portal , as well as on the main page of the club's official website 

Program before the match Ludogorets-Olimpija (Ljubljana)

24 July 2023

Ludogorest official training before the first match of the II preliminary round of the Champions League against Olimpija (Ljubljana) will be on Tuesday (July 25) at 20:00 at the club base. The session will be open to journalists in the first 15 minutes. The press conference of the twelve-time champions on the same day including the coach Ivaylo Petev and Dominik Yankov starts at 17:30 at the Huvepharma Arena stadium.

Olimpija (Ljubljana) will hold its official training session at 20:30 at the stadium. The press conference starts immediately after the session at around 21:40.

Change in the starting time of the match with Olimpija because of the expected high temperatures

21 July 2023

Due to the expected record high temperatures next week and in particular on Wednesday PFC Ludogorets sent a request to UEFA to change the starting time of the first match of the II preliminary round of the Champions League against Olimpija (Ljubljana).

According to the program the match was supposed to start at 21:00, but it was moved by 45 minutes and will start at 21:45.

The change was necessary in order to provide better playing conditions and comfort for the fans of Huvepharma Arena.

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