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27 October 2022, 19:45


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Real Betis

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Real Betis

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SEASON 2022/23, Europe League, Group Stage

Ludogorets and Real Betis planted a tree

27 October 2022

Hours before the Ludogorets - Real Betis match, the managers of the two clubs planted an ash tree in the park area around "Biovet" in Razgrad. Thus, the Bulgarian champion supported the initiative of the Spaniards "Forever green", in which Roma also joined.

Meanwhile, the management of Ludogorets organized for their colleagues from Real Betis, among them the legend of the club Rafael Gordillo, a visit to the "Abritus" museum in Razgrad as part of the program before the match at 19:45.

Organization and security measures before Ludogorets - Real Betis

26 October 2022

Ludogorets informs all fans who will be watching the Europa League Group C match against Real Betis live on Thursday (October, 27th) at 7.45 pm that the Huvepharma Arena opens at 5.45 pm on the same day. Due to the fact that the stadium will be all full, the club strongly urges fans to arrive early to ease the pass regime and avoid crowding at the entrances.

Important! Ludogorets recommends supporters whose seats are in sector "G" to use the alleys of the park near the stadium, avoiding movement along "Vasil Levski" street, along which nearly 6 000 people with tickets for sector "V" are expected to pass and "Moti" stand. For the convenience of fans, signs will be installed around the stadium.

Ludogorets also reports that intoxicated fans, with weapons, dangerous objects, pyrotechnics, lighters, bottles, as well as bottles of perfume and deodorant, will not be allowed at Huvepharma Arena. Racist chants, as well as the use of lasers from the stands during the match, are absolutely prohibited. Ludogorets reminds that all supporters are subject to a detailed check at the entrances, prohibited items will be confiscated.


The fans of Real Betis will be accommodated in sector "A". Supporters with items of the guest team will not be allowed in the home fans' sections.

Ludogorets reminds that attendees with persons under 18 years of age must submit a completed guardian declaration. These are handed out in person when buying a ticket. They can also be downloaded from the main page of the club's official website 

The police in Razgrad announces that in connection with the match against Real Betis on October, 27th from 5:00 pm, cars will not be allowed on "Vasil Levski" streets from the intersection with "Knyaz Boris" blvd. to "Gavril Krastevich" street, "Veterinarna" , "​Mramorno more" and Severen boulevard.

Fans from other cities who have purchased tickets for the match can use the designated parking lots next to the Middle School Dormitory, next to the Central Post Office, next to the Central Hotel and at Tovarna piazza on Strandzha Street.

Let's welcome Marcelinho and Dyakov to "Huvepharma Arena" and support Ludogorets against Betis!

26 October 2022

Two Ludogorets legends will support the team in the battle with Betis tomorrow. Marcelinho and Svetoslav Dyakov arrived in Razgrad to sit in the stands of "Huvepharma Arena" and encourage the "eagles" in the important clash with the giants from Seville. The Brazilian magician Marcelinho, who has his own business in his homeland, is in Bulgaria for a two-week vacation. He returns to Razgrad for the first time since July 2020, when he lifted the ninth championship cup, after which he was sent off with honors from the audience and his teammates.

During the match with Real Betis, Marcelinho and Dyakov will be among us again. Half an hour before the match, the two will be at the stadium and will greet the fans of "Huvepharma Arena". Let's give them a proper welcome and support the boys in one of their most important games of the year.

Go Ludogorets!

Simundza: If we have a chance for first place, we will grab it with both hands

26 October 2022

Ludogorets will be chasing first place in Group C of the Europa League. If the "Eagles" beat the leader Betis in Razgrad, then it is they who will climb to the top, and that the champions want the three points against the winner of the King's Cup, coach Ante Simundza assured.

"We are an ambitious team. We know who we're up against. If we have a shot at first place, we'll grab it with both hands. From the first match, we have said that whoever and wherever we play, we aim to win. This is our goal for the match with Betis," said the coach. "At home we are always on our field. Fans, it's all ours, it's a pleasure to play. It is always possible to make progress in every component of the game. We need to repeat the good things we did and we need to improve on the things we are not so good at. We are still playing against class rivals and we have to adapt to their style of play. We have to be focused, concentrated and calm especially in defense. We have to be close to the opponent," Simundza continued. "We have to be aggressive in attack and in the middle of the pitch. This is football that cannot be done in 90 minutes of the match. I always rely on the best that are out there right now. It will be no different for the match against Betis. We will try to make the best team that will play very aggressive and attacking football," he added.

"When we're on a good winning streak, there's always confidence and that's normal for all footbal players. We are not satisfied with every match because we also see the bad things and try to improve them. This does not happen only in Ludogorets, but in every football club in the world. We try to repeat the good things and improve the things we are not good at. I see growth not only in the players, but in the whole Ludogorets group," he said.

"It is clear that Dominik Yankov cannot play. Kiril Despodov started running and we will see the reaction after these trainings. The others are in line to play," concluded Simundza.

Nonato: We will win with the support of the fans

26 October 2022

Ludogorets midfielder Nonato was part of the club's official press conference before hosting Betis on Thursday night.

"It always feels good to play in full stadiums, especially when it's in front of our fans. It will be like that tomorrow. The fans will help us, as they helped us in the previous games against HJK and Roma. I hope we win with the support of the fans", said Nonato.

"We know the importance of all the games. Our head coach and his team try to motivate us not only for matches but also for training. They try to get the best out of us at every moment. European matches are a different atmosphere, but we are professionals and we want to be committed in every match and every training session in the same way," he added.

"As you know, adaptation is a longer process, but I feel good in these two months. Many things are different - way of playing, culture. It is new for me and my colleagues from Brazil. Everyone helps me. Every day I try to train better, I'm happy and I want to make history in Ludogorets", concluded the player who scored in Roma's goal on his debut for Razgrad.

Ludogorets program before the match with Real Betis

25 October 2022

Ludogorets' official press conference before the Europa League Group C match against Real Betis will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:30 p.m. at the Huvepharma Arena stadium. Coach Ante Shimundza and midfielder Nonato will take part in the briefing. The Eagles' official training starts at 19:00 at the club base and will be open to the media for the first 15 minutes.

Real Betis will hold their official training session and press conference tomorrow in Seville before leaving for Bulgaria. The team delegation will arrive in Varna around 19:00.

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