Frendlies, A Team
22 January 2019, 16:30


0 : 2


CFR Cluj

17´ LANG
"Cornelia Diamond" Stadium, Belek



Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, Frendlies, A Team

The Romanian champions defeated Ludogorets

22 January 2019

Ludogorets lost the third trial game in Turkey. They lost 0:2 to the Romanian champion CFR Cluj. Lang scored in the 17th minute, followed by Ganea three minutes before the end.

‘The Eagles’ could have prevented the first goal. The referee refused to admit Forster was fouled and Broun did not intervene in the best possible way after the corner kick that followed.

Ludogorets was close to scoring a few times, but Goralski, Keseru and Lukoki all failed to do so.

Antony Zdravkov replaced all eleven players during the second half. He included Dragos Grigore, who came back after treating an injury for eight months. Ludogorets tried everything to take the lead but their competitor proved to have the better training and they performed really good on the field, meaning that their keeper had little to no work.

The next trial game will be between Lechia Gdansk and Ludogorets on the 25th of January.


0:1 Lang (16')
0:2 Ganea (87')

LUDOGORETS – before replacement: Broun, Cicinho, Moti, Forster, Nedyalkov, Dyakov, Goralski, Wanderson, Lukoki, Popa, Keseru.

LUDOGORETS – after replacement in the 68th minute: Iliev, Sasha, Grigore, Terziev, Natanael, Anicet, Mahlangu, Yankov, Paulo, Bakalov, Campanharo

CFR CLUJ: Jesus (46 – Arlauskis), Manea (64 – Muresan), Lang, Vinisius, Kamora, Djokovic, Bordeanu (68 – Kostas), Ciprian (57 – Culio), Omrani (82 – Ganea), Tukudean, Ionita (57 – Paun)

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