First league, 20th round
16 December 2018, 12:30

Dunav (Ruse)

0 : 2



"City" Stadium, Ruse

Dunav (Ruse)


Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, First league, 20th round

Ludogorets finished 2018 with another success and a broken record

16 December 2018

Ludogorets won again in another First League game. The champions defeated Dunav in Ruse with a 2:0 score and they will remain on top of the overall rating through the winter. They have six points in advance of the second team CSKA-Sofia. After a total of 20 rounds until now Ludogorets has 51 points.

Ludogorets had a total domination over the competitor in Ruse. Dunav had the chance to score twice. Despite the fact that Marcelinho, Campanharo and Natanael were missing, the champions outplayed Dunav and the score could have been even better for Ludogorets, especially if it had not been for the oddly canceled goal in the 45th minute due to a non-existent offside situation.

The first goal was scored by Swierczok in the 16th minute after he received a pass from Wanderson. Keseru scored the second goal 9 minutes before the end of the game when he too advantage of the great pass he received from Paulo.

All Ludogorets players are dismissed until the 8th of January when they will team up in Sofia.


0:1 Swierczok (16')
0:2 Keseru (81')

Dunav: Antonov, Isa, Dinkov (85 – Varbanov), Petrov, Patev, Baldzhiyski (72 N’Daye), Stanoev, Kokonov, Popadiyn, Kostadinov, Ahmedov

Ludogorets: Broun, Nedyalkov, Forster, Moti, Wanderson, Goralski (87 – Yankov), DYakov, Bakalov (73 – Paulo), Cicinho, Swierczok (78 – Sasha), Keseru

Yellow cards: Patev, Ahmedov (Dunav)’ Goralski (Ludogorets).

Head referee: Nikola Popov

Ruse town stadium, 500 spectators 

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