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Ludogorets defeated Levski and Keseru scored his 100th goal

Ludogorets defeated 2:0 Levski in an action-packed game and team is still on top of the overall rating ahead of CSKA-Sofia.

Ludogorets defeated 2:0 Levski in an action-packed game and team is still on top of the overall rating ahead of CSKA-Sofia. Keseru scored the first goal before the halftime and it was the 100th goal for the Romanian as part of Ludogorets. Moti scored the second goal from the penalty point.

Stoycho Stoev had all the best players on his disposal. Renan was the keeper and Popa was in Lukoki’s position.

Keseru took advantage of a misunderstanding between Tiam and Mihaylov but he was not able to finish off the situation. The Romanian was alone against the keeper a couple of minutes later when the side referee decided there was an offside situation which did not exist at all. Goranov outplayed Popa after that and he did not receive Keseru’s pass. Levski created a situation in the 16th minute when Kostov tried to score but the ball went above the gate. A counter attack followed but Kostov’s kick was saved by Renan. Ludogorets was close to a goal in the 26th minute when Popa passed to Moti who tried to score with his head, but the ball met the woodwork. Mihaylov and Tiam were involved in another commotion on the field and Marcelinho got in control of the ball, but his kick with the left foot was not accurate.

Ludogorets created an awesome attack in the 38th minute when Wanderson passed to Marcelinho. He and Keseru were alone against the keeper. Keseru scored easily his 100th goal as a Ludogorets player.

Goralski was in a good position when the second half began and he tried to score but Mihaylov saved. Most of the action was in front of Levski’s gate. Popa took the ball from Goranov in the 59th minute and passed to Keseru, after which Wanderson got in control of the ball but he missed the gate. Paulinho tried to score in the 72nd minute but Renan had no trouble saving. Wanderson allowed a huge miss in the following attack. He sent the ball to the side of Levski’s gate.

Moti passed to Swierczok in the 90th minute. Goranov intervened but the knocked the Polish player down in the penalty zone. Levski’s captain received a red card and Moti had the chance to perform the penalty shot. Mihaylov leaped to the right but Moti aimed for the center and scored. He received a second yellow card after he expressed his joy in front of the B sector and left the field.


0:1 Keseru (37')
0:2 Moti (90' +5) – penalty shot

Levski: Mihaylov, Paulinho, Cvetkovic, Ivanov, Mariani (93 – Petkov), Tiam, Goranov, Raynov, Ivanov (74 – Petkov), Kostov, Yurukov (Vaschuk)

Ludogorets: Renan, Nedyalkov, Moti, Grigore, Dyakov, Goralski, Wanderson (92 – Anicet), Cicinho, Marcelinho )85 – Terziev), Popa, Keseru (94 - Swierczok

Yellow cards: Paulinho, Cvetkovic, Raynov (Levski); Moti, Goralski, Cicinho (Ludogorets).

Red cards: Goranov (Levski); Moti (Ludogorets).


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Levski - Ludogorets 0:2

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Levski - Ludogorets 0:2
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League table efbet League, 16th round
1. Ludogorets 1945 39
2. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 33
3. CSKA 33
4. Arda (Kardzhali) 29
5. Beroe (St. Zagora) 28
6. CSKA 1948 24
7. Cherno more (Varna) 21
8. Tsarsko selo 17
9. Levski (Sofia) 15
10. Botev (Vratsa) 15
11. Montana 14
12. Botev (Plovdiv) 14
13. Slavia (Sofia) 12
14. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 11

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