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Georgi Karamandzukov: We sent the most successful year

Ludogorets sports director Georgi Karamanadzhukov and coach Georgi Dermendzhiev gave a press conference regarding the winter training of the...

Ludogorets sports director Georgi Karamanadzhukov and coach Georgi Dermendzhiev gave a press conference regarding the winter training of the champions.

"Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you health. We send off a very difficult year and at the same time one of the most successful in the history of Ludogorets. In January we started with a lot of injuries. We got a lot of new players at the last minute. We won a very difficult but also very sweet cup. After a brief lapse in performance in the league and Europe, we have had the pleasure of enjoying the Ludogorets we all want to see and the fans and our owners like for the last 50 days. I want to thank all the coaching staffs that worked throughout the year, the guys, the medical staff and the owners for always believing, even in the difficult times we had. The management was behind us and this allowed us to send one of the most successful years in the history of Ludogorets. I want to especially thank Mr. Dermendzhiev, who managed to restore the confidence of the players. I really think that we can say that Ludogorets made a fantastic final of 2023," began Karamandzhukov.

"To avoid some questions, I can tell you that I don't know if there is a 1% success rate for all the names that are associated with Ludogorets in the media. The truth about transfers is that when we have something real, we let you know. We do not hide from you what is happening in the club. Ludogorets has always had the best players. I would like to say about the last five or six outgoing transfers of Ludogorets that only our players managed to play at a very high level. Cauly, Santana, Thiago you see what they are doing. Despodov, too. Even without them, however, Ludogorets found its face. I hope that together with the coaching staff we will achieve the goals of Ludogorets," he continued.

"The goals in Ludogorets were always the highest. It will be quite difficult due to the condensed cycle of matches. The rest in the summer was minimal - six days, especially for our team. We started our first participation in the European tournaments. In Ludogorets, we are one family and we are all together in good and in difficult times."

"It is normal after such a season finale that there is interest not only in them (Bernard Tekpetey and Jakub Piotrowski). A lot of guys performed at a very high level. There is no official inquiry from the Premier League for Tekpetey, there are from other clubs. Our wish is to keep the team. There is nothing better than showing the strength of our team in Europe," revealed Karamandzhukov.

"We have played 14 more games than the leader Cherno More. You can figure it out for yourself, considering the breaks for the national teams. It's almost a championship. Compared to the team in third place, we have played 12 games more. This has also reflected. I am pleased that we have been able to hold our own on all fronts and quite successfully. Naturally, there is a price that we would accept. Ludogorets sells very expensive, you saw the transfer of Thiago. We cannot ignore the goals we set for ourselves at the expense of some other million. We don't just look at the money. We look at where the players can develop. In all the clauses of our players, we have a percentage for future sales. We expect additional revenue. We always have a plan B. The selection department constantly presents to the coach, according to his requirements, a profile of footballers and he approves. We go, observe and depend on the financial conditions. We have a duty to observe financial fair play. We are monitored every three months due to the continuous participation of Ludogorets in the group phase. If it comes to a sale, we will take a football player."

"There is interest in the Bulgarian competitors. It's pretty advanced for one. You know where we live. I don't want us to be a stumbling block. When anything happens, you will be informed. Ludogorets does not sell at any price. This year is also the most successful from a financial point of view. Especially because of leaving the group. Brought serious revenue to UEFA. You know that not only Ludogorets, but also all Bulgarian teams receive. This year they will share an additional three million. UEFA send each other data, information. Leaving the group brings points and money. We have to be ready for any situations and to solve them. There is no official interest in Dominik Yankov from Goztepe."

"Ludogorets made enough mistakes against teams far below our level. The competitors there are not mistaken. We gave them a great opportunity to become champions last year, but there is obviously something else. The photo finish will probably depend on how far Ludogorets will go in Europe, how far Ludogorets will go for the Cup. As the head coach said, it was written how we will give it to CSKA 1948, three days later they will give us the match in Bistrica. As it turned out, neither they gave nor we gave them. Ludogorets will always play fair. Ludogorets never justified his losses with the opponent, with time. We have always looked for the reason within ourselves and maybe that's why we succeed," said the director in Ludogorets.

Ludogorets coach Georgi Dermendzhiev also answered numerous questions.

"I thank the owners for the trust they put in me. The preparation period is extremely important, we will try to prepare the players well, the most important thing is that there are no injuries. We have a very responsible half-season waiting for us. You know that we play a very condensed program, I said not by chance that the players must be healthy - we want to be champions, win the cup and get as far as possible in the Conference League. Nedyalkov is currently undergoing a check-up and will join us," Dermendzhiev began.

"We want to keep the main team and possibly bring in no more than one person. We have a lot of respect for Cherno More, Ilian has been given the opportunity to work. The opponents in the preparation are diverse, that's exactly what I want. There is a window, we we have to be ready in this window, possibly. Ludogorets has a game less, we have to note that, maybe that's why the position is different. I don't see any serious difference in the championship. The leader is Cherno More at the moment, but we will try at the end of the championship to be at the top. We have always played fair," said the coach of the Eagles.

"My opinion is that the group should be reduced drastically. If it were up to me, the teams would be ten. It is good for us that at the start we have a match for the Bulgarian Super Cup. It will be prepared, then the matches with Servette will come, the program is condensed. Until our match, Servette will play five matches, we will have the opportunity to get to know their game perfectly, maybe even live. We always look for the faults in ourselves," added the specialist.

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Press conference before winter camp
League table Parva liga, 37th round
1. Ludogorets 82
2. Cherno more 75
3. CSKA-Sofia 67
4. Levski 64
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 58
6. Krumovgrad 49


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