Reporting 13 April 2022

Ludogorets lost the first Bulgarian Cup semifinal to Levski

Ludogorets lost the first semifinal for the Bulgarian Cup to Levski.

Ludogorets lost the first semifinal for the Bulgarian Cup to Levski. The match was amazing and action-packed, unlike most matches we’ve seen in the Bulgarian championship. Despodov scored an amazing goal, but Levski turned the tables in the 52nd and the 57th minute. Sotiriou evened the score in the 92nd minute, but Petkov’s penalty kick brought Levski the win. The penalty kick had to be re-executed. The first one was saved by Sluga.

Levski almost took the lead in the second minute when Stefanov tried to score, but Sluga saved. Stefanov tried the same minutes later, but he had no luck again. Verdon also missed a chance to score after that. Show passed the ball to Despodov in the 11th minute, and the latter scored from 25 meters, leaving no chance for the keeper to prevent the goal. After a quick shuffle, Cauly tried to score, but he sent the ball out. Mihajlovic gave Sluga a hard time, but the gatekeeper managed to save his goal attempt.

After a few goal situations in front of both gates, Levski evened the score. Welton tried to score, Sluga kicked the ball back, but Mihajlovic stole it and scored with his left foot. Sundberg passed the ball to Bari in the 57th minute, and he scored the second goal for Levski in the 57th minute.

Ludogorets applied pressure but the goal situations were still missing. Delev sent the ball out in the 79th minute. Nedyalkov and Cordoba received their second yellow cards after they confronted each other. They left the pitch.

Ludogorets won a penalty kick in the 90th minute after Tsunami played with his hand. VAR confirmed the situation. Sotiriou made no mistake and scored for 2:2.

Levski won a penalty kick as well after the ball hit Plastun’s hand. Milanov performed the penalty kick, Sluga saved, but he did not step on the goal line. Petkov kicked the ball from the penalty point and scored the winning goal.


1:0 Despodov (11’)
1:1 Mihajlovic (52’)
1:2 Bari (58’)
Sotiriou (90+3‘)
2:3 Petkov (90+9‘)

LUDOGORETS: Sluga, Cicinho (Karnicnik), Verdon, Plastun, Nedyalkov, Show, Jonathan (Delev), Santana, Oliveira, Despodov, Sotiriou

LEVSKI: Andreev, Cordoba, Van der Kaap, Sundberg, Tsunami, Stefanov (Kraev), Mihajlovic, Milanov, Krastev (Welton (Galchev), Bari (Petkov)

Yellow cards: Jonathan, Nedyalkov, Despodov, Sotiriou, Tissera, Plastun (Ludogorets); Tsunami, Krastev (Levski)

Red cards: Nedyalkov (Ludogorets); Cordoba (Levski)


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Ludogorets - Levski 2:3
League table Parva liga, 37th round
1. Ludogorets 82
2. Cherno more 75
3. CSKA-Sofia 67
4. Levski 64
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 58
6. Krumovgrad 49


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