Frendlies, A Team
26 June 2023, 18:00


3 : 0


Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

"Bansko" Stadium, Bulgaria

Match Center

SEASON 2023/24, Frendlies, A Team

Tissera with two goals for 3:0 over Loko Pd

26 June 2023

The champion Ludogorets win against Loko Pd 3:0 in the friendly game played in Bansko. Above all was Matias Tissera who scored the first two goals. The third goal was scored by Pedro Naressi.

Already in the 3rd minute, after a break from the left, Matias Tissera found himself in a very clean position, but missed. The Eagles pressure continued as Piotrowski shot from the edge of the box but Dinko Horkas cleared.

The logical thing happened in the 12th minute. Then Dominik Yankov broke from the left, entered the penalty area, made two feints and found Tissera. The Argentinian turned and scored in Horkas' goal - 1:0. In the 19th minute, Dorin Rotariu passed to Jakub Piotrowski, who from a clear position shot into the box.

Just 3 minutes later, Ludogorets led 2:0. Smurfs goalkeeper Dinko Horkas made a big mistake, which Matias Tissera took advantage of. This was the Argentine's third goal in a row since the beginning of the training, after he also scored for the 1:0 victory over Marek.

In the 40th minute, Loko Pd looked at the goalkeeper of Sergio Padt, as Dimitar Iliev shot, but did not make it difficult for the Dutch guard.

The second part started with a pass by Vladislav Naydenov, a youngster from the backup team. In the 53rd, Ludogorets led 3:0. After an attack from the right, Nedelev led Pedro Naressi, who scored. After an hour of play, Loko Pd could have reduced the score as Dimitar Iliev missed with a header from a clear position.

In the 70th minute Pedro Naressi sent the ball to Vladislav Naydenov. The youngster found Rai Nascimento who missed to increase the Eagles' lead.

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