efbet League, 25th round
8 April 2023, 17:30


(penalty) KIRIL DESPODOV 29´

8 : 1


Botev (Vratsa)

81´ CHAVDAR IVAYLOV (penalty)
"Huvepharma Arena" Stadium, Razgrad


Botev (Vratsa)

Match Center

SEASON 2022/23, efbet League, 25th round

A show of Despodov and Igor Thiago, Ludogorets won 8:1

8 April 2023

Ludogorets achieved a record вин in the championship of the efbet Liga. The champions вон агаинст the visiting Botev Vratsa 8:1. This was the success in which the Eagles scored the most goals in the opponent's goal. The previous most telling success was 7-0 over Beroe seven years ago.

Igor Thiago and Kiril Despodov played an outstanding game for the home team, with the former scoring three goals, while Despodov scored another two goals and assisted for three more. Caio Vidal also scored in Razgrad, and at the end of the match, Chavdar Ivaylov scored a goal for the visitors from a penalty. However, two more goals followed in the Vratsa goal, as Claude Gonsalves and Matias Tissera scored for the final 8:1. This was the fourth consecutive victory for Ludogorets under the leadership of Ivaylo Petev. With the specialist, the Eagles have three successes in the championship and one in the Bulgarian Cup.

Thus, Ludogorets remains in second place in the efbet League, but already has 59 points, one behind the leader CSKA (60). However, the Reds have a game less and on Sunday they visit Slavia.

The people of Razgrad started the match with two big misses. Bernard Tekpetey sent Denny Gropper on the ground to the touchline, who crossed the ball at the last moment and found Igor Thiago perfectly. The Brazilian tried to intercept, but missed the ball from a few meters. In the subsequent attack, Gropper again combined with Thiago, but this time the Vratsa team defense was able to parry the attempts of the champion's attacker. In the eighth minute, Spas Delev crossed the ball after a free kick in the penalty area by Botev Vratsa to Franco Russo, who intercepted in Padt's goal, but the Spaniard was in an offside and the goal was disallowed. The pressure of Ludogorets did not stop and Igor Thiago elegantly feinted a defender of Vratsa team and was left alone against Kostov, after which he hit the ground, but the guard of the guests reflected with his foot. The ball went to Despodov, whose shot was blocked, after which Thiago was set up.

In the 26th minute, Despodov's attempt from a foul, but right into the wall of the opponent of Ludogorets. When the ball was deflected, Georgi Kabakov and Martin Margaritov called Nikola Popov to review the situation for a possible hand at Tom's rebound, after which the white point was shown in favor of the people of Razgrad. Behind the ball stood Despodov, who with a strong shot opened the score for the home team - 1:0. Six minutes after that, Kiril Despodov crossed from a corner kick at a bowl of players of both teams, and Igor Thiago moved very well back, freeing up space and with a header from a few meters, hit the Vratsa team goal for the second time for 2:0. Five before the end, Despodov broke into the penalty area from the left and passed to Igor Thiago, who headed but weakly to trouble Krasimir Kostov, who caught.

In the 43rd, Igor Thiago fought for the ball in the Vratsa team penalty area, then passed it to Jakub Piotrowski. The Pole shot from a small angle, the ball ricocheted into Botev's defender, but Krasi Kostov once again showed a magnificent reflex. After the corner kick, Despodov delivered from a corner after Piotrowski's miss, and Thiago rose with his head for the second time in the match and scored - 3:0.

The second half started like the first for the host. Despodov crosses at the far post to substitute Caio Vidal. He played with his head, and Krasi Kostov reflected with his chest, but sent the ball straight into the path of Igor Thiago, who completed his hat trick from close range. In the 49th came the first good opportunity for Vrasta team, after Martin Kavdanski was found by a corner kick and headed a shot from close range, but it was off target. In the 54th minute, Thiago controlled the ball with his back near Botev Vratsa's goal and tried an acrobatic shot, but too weak, then fell due to contact with Kavdanski, but Nikola Popov let the play continue freely.

The Ludogorets captain returned from injury in an excellent manner and scored a second goal. Thiago saw Despodov on the left, who played one-on-one with Chavdar Ivaylov and put the ball on his right foot, then followed a sharp shot to Kostov's goal and it flew in after the assistance of the left side post - 5:0 for the Eagles. They did not stop until the fifth goal and scored the sixth. Aslack Von Witry made a quick pass to Jakub Piotrowski, who continued into the box for Caio Vidal. He took control on his chest and dropped diagonally past Kostov's dive and after an hour of play he made the score 6:0.

In the 65th, Despodov broke powerfully from the right and launched a parallel pass to Caio Vidal. He shot, and Martin Kavdanski jumped in front of him. After the hit, Vidal had serious claims about Kavdanski's outstretched hand, and the situation was looked at by the VAR. The game was allowed to continue from a corner, and Piotrowski headed it over the Vratsa team crossbar.

Ten before the end, Franco Russo stopped the ball in the penalty area, and Marco Mazuga took it, after which the Spaniard tripped the Vratsa footballer. This gave Nikola Popov an opportunity to point the white dot for the guests. Behind the ball stood Chavdar Ivaylov, who with his left foot sent the ball into Sergio Padt's goal. In the 86th, Caio Vidal's shot was cleared off the goal line by a defender of the visitors.

A minute before the end, Despodov completed his hat-trick of assists after passing to the reserve Claude Gonslaves, who scored the seventh goal for Ludogorets in the match. In the added time, there was still room for Matias Tissera to sign off, as the Argentinian made the final 8:1 in northeastern Bulgaria.

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