Frendlies, A Team
19 June 2022, 18:00



1 : 0


FC Blau-Weiß Linz

"Bruckhäusl" Stadium, Bad Häring


BW Linz

Match Center

SEASON 2022/23, Frendlies, A Team

Ludogorets defeated 1:0 BV Linz

19 June 2022

The summer camp in Austria was marked with a win for Ludogorets. The team defeated 1:0 BV Linz. The champions’ formation included four youth players.

Tekpetey created an attack as soon as the match started and sent the ball to Yankov who tried to score, but the keeper saved. Georgiev tried to score next, but the keeper saved again. Padt saved a goal after a few minutes as well.

The winning goal was scored in the 21st minute by Tekpetey. He left no chances to the keeper Schmidt to save. Tekpetey almost added a second goal after that, but the ball went outside the gate.

Simundza replaced most of the players during the halftime, leaving only Ganchev. After a quick counterattack from Ludogorets in the 64th minute, there were no goals added. BV Linz almost evened the score in the 76th minute when Koch tried to add a goal, but the ball ricocheted in Pinas’ head and then hit the woodwork.

Marin tried to score a goal later, but his attempt was not strong enough. Pinas prevented a goal from happening in the 87th minute.



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