Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
28 July 2021, 21:00



3 : 1



"Huvepharma Arena" Stadium, Razgrad



Match Center

SEASON 2021/22, Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage

Dambrauskas: I want us to dominate

27 July 2021

I believe there will be no differences in this match compared to the previous one. The competitor will likely be defensive again. I want us to dominate and be in an attacking mode. We need to risk it whenever possible“, said Ludogorets’ coach prior to the match against Mura.

It is hard for me to pick the team composition. The players in the last formation proved to perform great. We have a lot of great players and it is very difficult to choose the right players. Despite having a plan, everything can change during the break. I am happy to have great players to choose from“, the coach added.

When we have the space needed, we are unstoppable but when the competitor applies pressure, there is a problem. Still, we were able to improve our tactic and we have made a lot of adjustments. We have been able to witness this positive change. I believe in the progress and you could see it, too“, said Dambrauskas. 

We can focus on applying pressure. We have the capacity to do so. The players already managed to regain control of what’s happening within seconds. Our goal is to show we can do it every time, regardless of the competitor. The real Ludogorets might be able to do this and we will comment on it when the season ends”.


Igor Plastun: We are working on neutralizing Mura

27 July 2021

I am happy to be back here. Ludogorets always had high goals and the ten titles prove it“, заяви той.

The Ukrainian commented on the team’s organization: „The team has always strived to have complete control. But every coach has a different tactic. The players have always been selected to comply with this tactic“, said Plastun.

He talked about his ambition: „I want to help the team. We strive to be better with every match. I hope we will see a lot of improvement. Ludogorets has its own style and we know what we need to do to win. I hope everyone will do their best to make it happen”.

It is my duty to stay focused every second. Every player has a role. We do what we must and we are concentrated. I hope this will happen tomorrow and we will be successful”, Plastun added.


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