efbet League, 5th round
12 September 2020, 21:00


MANU 81´

3 : 1


Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

"Huvepharma Arena" Stadium, Razgrad


Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

Match Center

SEASON 2020/21, efbet League, 5th round

Ludogorets showed class and turned the tables on Lokomotiv Plovdiv

13 September 2020

Ludogorets defeated 3:1 Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the fifth efbet League round and the team is the overall leader now.

Lokomotiv missed a couple of times as soon as the match started. Salinas sent the ball out two times in a row after Badji made mistakes. Yankov sent the ball to Lokomotiv’s penalty zone and Almeida played with his hand but the referee decided it was involuntarily. Keseru tried to score but sent the ball to Lukov in the 20th minute. Tchibota performed a direct free kick in the 31st minute but the ball didn’t reach the gate. Nedyalkov stole it and tried to score but it went just outside Lukov’s gate. Ilic had a chance to score later but Renan kicked the ball into a corner.

Vladislav Stoyanov entered the pitch in the second half. Karageren was able to score in the 52nd minute. Yankov sent the ball into Lukov’s gate ten minutes later and made the score even. Karageren almost had a chance to score in the 69th minutes but the ball went outside the gate. Cicinho tried to create an attack later but there was nobody he could pass the ball to. The home team completely turned the tables on Lokomotiv later. Santana added a goal on the 79th minute and Manu shaped the final 3:1 score in the 81st minute.


Huvepharma Arena stadium, 2 000 spectators

0:1 Karageren (52), 1:1 Yankov (62), 2:1 Santana (79), 3:1 Manu (81)

LUDOGORETS: Renan (Stoyanov), Nedyalkov, Cicinho, Moti, Yankov (Ikoko), Santana, Tchibota (Manu), Jorginho (Marin), Grigore, Badji (Anicet), Keseru

LOKOMOTIV PLOVDIV: Lukov, Almeida, Masoero, Petrovic, Ilic (Umarbaev), Vitanov, Tsvetanov, Karageren (Mihalevic), Salinas (Puliese), Iliev (Muslimovic), Aralica (Minchev)

Referee: G. Davidov





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