efbet League, 29th round
5 July 2020, 21:00


SOWE 62´

1 : 1



"Bulgarian army" Stadium, Sofia



Match Center

SEASON 2019/20, efbet League, 29th round

The Ludogorets vs CSKA game ended with an even 1:1 score

5 July 2020

The Ludogorets vs CSKA match ended with an even 1:1 score. This was Ludogorets’ 34th consecutive match without a loss. The pace was high and full of interesting moments. A goal in Ludogorets’ favor was canceled due to an offside situation but that was a mistake.

CSKA had a good chance to score in the 6th minute. Evandro passed to Sou who hit the woodwork from the penalty point.

After a quick shuffle 4 minutes later, Evandro kicked the ball straight into Cicinho’s body. Evandro tried to score again immediately after that but he sent the ball out.

Tchibota scored in the 15th minute but his goal was canceled. The replay showed no offside situation, though.

Nedyalkov passed to Tchibota in the 20th minute but Busato saved. Turitsov tried to score at the end of the first half but Stoyanov kicked the ball out. Rodriguez created an elegant situation in the 57th minute but the ball hit the woodwork once more.

Ludogorets almost took the lead in the 61st minute. Cicinho sent the ball to Jorginho who was inches away from scoring.

Carey passed to Sou in the 62nd minute and scored. The home team fans were devastated in the 71st minute. Biton sent the ball in Busato’s gate from the direct free kick point.

CSKA wanted to take the lead again and almost did in the 78th minute. Sou sent the ball to the woodwork again. The last real goal situation happened three minutes before the match end. Sou lost control over the ball and Cicinho kicked it away before Enrique could receive it.

Ludogorets still has zero losses with only a couple of upcoming games left. CSKA and Levski now take the second place overall with equal points.


1:0 Sou (62')
1:1 Biton (71')

CSKA: Busato, Jefferson (84 – Baurenski), Zanev, Turitsov, Galabov, Maziku, Carey, Sou, Evandro, Ahmedov (75 – Rafael), Rodriguez.

LUDOGORETS: Stoyanov, Cicinho, Nedyalkov, Grigore, Terziev, Oliveira, Badji (75 – Dyakov), Anicet, Jorginho, Tchibota, Wanderson (74 – Bakalov).

Yellow cards: Carey, Rodriguez (CSKA); Cicinho (Ludogorets).


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