Cup of Bulgaria, 1/4 final
3 April 2019, 18:30


0 : 1



"Ludogorets Arena" Stadium, Razgrad



Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, Cup of Bulgaria, 1/4 final

Ludogorets lost 0:1 to CSKA-Sofia

3 April 2019

Ludogorets lost 0:1 to CSKA-Sofia and dropped out from the Bulgarian Cup tournament. Pinto scored the only goal in the 30th minute.

Both teams leaped into action immediately. Rodriguez tried to send the ball to Sou and Bikel but his kick was too powerful. Ludogorets responded with a dangerous attack but Tomas kicked the ball out. Ludogorets kept the action in the other team’s half. Lukoki tried to score in the 16th minute but the keeper pushed the ball back and it went straight to Marcelinho. He attempted a goal but Turitsov blocked the ball’s path and it went into a corner. There were doubts that he played with his hand. Turitsov later stopped Keseru’s attempt to score. Ludogorets was close to a goal in the 19th minute and Anicet was accurate but Malinov reacted well and stopped the ball. Five minutes later the keeper saved another shot by Marcelinho. Sou attempted something after that but Cicinho and Grigore blocked him. Cicinho later attacked but he sent the ball close to the woodwork. Pinto scored in the 30th minute after a corner shot. He scored from more than 25 meters.

The guest team created a situation in the beginning of the second half. Rodriguez tried to score with his left foot but missed the gate. Dyakov replaced Anicet and Yusein took Marcelinho’s place. Rodriguez performed a direct free kick in the 73rd minute and the ball flew by Renan’s gate. Keseru created an attack five minutes later but Bodurov intervened. Manolev tried to outplay Evandro in the 84th minute but he missed the gate later. Ludogorets missed their best chance in the 90th minute when Wanderson was alone against the keeper but his shot ended in the woodwork. Cicinho also missed a chance seconds after that.


0:1 Pinto (30')

Ludogorets: Renan, Moti, Grigore, Manolev, Anicet (64 – Dyakov), Wanderson, Goralski, Cicinho, Lukoki (74 – Popa), Marcelinho (69 – Yusein), Keseru

CSKA-Sofia: Cerniauskas, Tomas, Bodurov, Turitsov, Bikel, Rafael (80 – Evandro), Jorjinho, Sou, Malinov, Rodriguez, Pinto (83 – Antov)

Yellow cards: Moti, Manolev, Goralski, Cicinho, Grigore (Ludogorets); Tomas, Bikel, Sou, Evandro, Cerniauskas (CSKA-Sofia).



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