Frendlies, A Team
15 January 2019, 16:30



1 : 3



"Cornelia Diamond" Stadium, Belek



Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, Frendlies, A Team

Ludogorets lost Popa’s debut game

15 January 2019

Ludogorets lost their first game in 2019 to the Romanian Botosani. The trial game was in Belek and both teams experienced extreme winds. The new player Adrian Popa made his debut, but Plamen Iliev did not play.

Diakite first tried to score but the ball went out. Ludogorets took the initiative and Lukoki passed to Yankov in 10th minute but the young talented player missed and sent the ball out. Ludogorets took the lead just seconds later when Natanael left no chance to the keeper. Botosani almost made the score even in the 25th minute because Broun’s judgment for the situation was wrong after Ongenda tried to score from the foul point. Soon after that the woodwork saved Broun. Eventually the score became even when Burka was accurate enough. Wanderson missed the chance to score a few minutes after that.

Antoni Zdravkov replaced all players for the second half. Some players were in different positions than their usual ones. Dyakov was a defender while Bakalov was a wing-back. Adrian Popa was included, too. Anicet also returned after 9 months of treating an injury. David Ribeiro who is currently playing for evaluation also played in the second half. Botosani took the lead in the 64th minute when Fulop received a pass from Fabbrini and outplayed Naumov. The Romanian team even scored a third goal four minutes after that. Fabbrini passed to Fulop again but Golofka was the one who scored. Ludogorets picked up the pace but Paulo and Marcelinho both missed. Rodriguez fouled Marcelinho in the 83rd minute and received a second yellow card.


1:0 Natanael(12')
1:1 Burca (36')
1:2 Fulop (64')
1:3 Golofka (68')

Ludogorets, first half: Broun, Sasha, Terziev, Forster, Natanael, Campanharo, Mahlangu, Lukoki, Yankov, Wanderson, Swierczok

Ludogorets, second half: Naumov, Cicinho, Nedyalkov, Goralski, Anicet, Dyakov, Marcelinho, Bakalov, Popa, Ribeiro, Keseru

Botosani: Fraisl, Patache, Chindris, Burca, Soiledis, Diakite, Papa, Ongenda, Corban, Roman, Busch

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