First league, 16th round
24 November 2018, 17:30

Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

0 : 1



"Lokomotiv" Stadium, Plovdiv

Lokomotiv (Pd)


Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, First league, 16th round

Ludogorets achieved their tenth win after defeating 1:0 Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

24 November 2018

Ludogorets had a hard time against Lokomotiv at ‘Lauta’ stadium in Plovdiv but eventually achieved their three points which are their advance ahead of CSKA who won against Dunav earlier the same day.

The coach Antony Zdravkov decided to include his best players despite the upcoming game against Leverkusen and include even Nedyalkov, Moti and Keseru who played in a couple of games during the past four days.

Ludogorets created their first good attack in the 10th minute. Wanderson passed to Marcelinho but he sent the ball above the crossbar. Lukov did not intervene well six minutes later after a pass from Cicinho but Marcelinho was not able to respond. Lokomotiv created a nice attack in the 22nd minute but Abdulahi missed. Ludogorets had their best chance to score in the 38th minute when Campanharo and Lukoki passed to each other and the Brazilian attempted a goal but the ball went a couple of centimeters from the woodwork. Ludogorets organized a second attack but Campanharo missed his chance again. Marcelinho scored in the 42nd minute but the goal was canceled due to an offside situation because of Wanderson’s assistance despite the fact that there defenders from Lokomotiv around him.

Lukoki had a good chance to score in the 57th minute after outplaying even the keeper. A minute later Ludogorets took the lead after Marcelinho passed to Natanael and after he outplayed three of the other team’s defenders, he kicked the ball hard. The keeper Lukov did not expect that and the goal was a fact. Lukoki had another chance to score in the 65th minute but he was not accurate enough.

Lokomotiv had their chance to score in the 71st minute when Karageren passed to Posinkovic. The Croatian player sent the ball into the gate beam and Nedyalkov cleared it away. A Ludogorets player injured himself in the 80th minute. Lukoki tripped and fell down, after which Paulo replaced him.

Karageren missed a chance to score in the 87th minute. Posinkovic outplayed Dyakov and passed to Iliev but he let the ball reach Karageren. Renan saved the situation brilliantly.


0:1 Natanael (58')

Lokomotiv: Lukov, Tomasevic, Abdulahi, Petrovic, Eze, Angelov, Ojbolt (70 – Karageren), Banovic (79 – Junior), Bun, Iliev, Posinkovic

Ludogorets: Renan, Natanael, Cicinho, Nedyalkov, Moti, Dyakov, Campanharo (75 – Sasha), Wanderson, Lukoki (86 – Paulo), Marcelinho (93 0 Forster), Keseru

Yellow cards: Tomasevic, Angelov, Posinkovic (Lokomotiv); Nedyalkov, Campanharo, Dyakov, Keseru (Ludogoets)

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