First league, 11th round
7 October 2018, 16:45

Botev (Vratsa)


1 : 4



"Ogosta" Stadium, Montana

Botev (Vratsa)


Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, First league, 11th round

Ludogorets defeated Botev with a 4:1 score in Montana

7 October 2018

Ludogorets achieved a devastating win against Botev (Vratsa) in Montana. The champions won 4:1 and score all four goals in the first half. Keseru scored three of them and Lukoki added the fourth. Domovchiyski scored the only goal for Botev. A lot of situations were missed by Ludogorets and the score could have been much more impressive.

Moti was not part of the team for this game due to a penalty for his yellow cards. The first goal was scored in the 10th minute. Wanderson passed to Lukoki but the ball went straight into the keeper. He kicked it back but the Dutch player tried again and scored. Ten minutes later the second goal happened. Wanderson passed accurately to Lukoki who passed to Marcelinho. The Brazilian sent the ball to Keseru and the goal was a fact. After the second goal Marcelinho missed two opportunities to score in only a couple of minutes. Wanderson also tried to score in the 28th minute but the keeper kicked the ball back and it went into the corner. The third goal was scored in the 39th minute when Keseru passed to Lukoki, who returned the ball to him and the Romanian player scored. Four minutes later Keseru achieved a hat-trick and scored again after Lukoki assisted him.

The second part began with a goal situation in front of the home team’s gate. Sasha had the chance to score but the keeper saved easily. Botev scored their only goal in the 53rd minute after they created their first decent attack. Atanasov passed to Domovchiyski who scored with his head. From this moment on the team from Razgrad controlled the game. Keseru almost added his fourth goal in the 63rd minute. Sasha passed the ball to him but the Romanian player was not able to receive it. A minute later Marcelinho also missed a good situation. Campanharo did the same in the 70th minute. The Brazilian kicked the ball from the good position he found himself to be, but the keeper Kostov proved he had skills. Wanderson missed again in the 74th minute by sending the ball out after he received it from Natanael. The last minutes of the game were not interesting at all.


0:1 Lukoki (10`)
0:2 Keseru (20`)
0:3 Keseru (39`)
0:4 Keseru (43`)
1:4 Domovchiyski (53`)

BOTEV: Kostov, Milanov (46 – Domovchiyski), Stoev, Apostolov, Mihaylov, Ivanov, Vasev, Valchev, Atanasov, Bozhinov (78 – Genov), Georgiev (60 – Nenov)

LUDOGORETS: Renan, Nedyalkov, Terziev, Wanderson, Dyakov (63 – Goralski), Campanharo (73 – Forster), Lukoki, Natanael, Cicinho (46 – Sasha), Marcelinho, Keseru

Yellow cards: Mihaylov, Bozhinov (Botev); Cicinho, Goralski (Ludogorets)

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