First league, 10th round
29 September 2018, 20:00



5 : 1


Cherno more (Varna)

"Ludogorets Arena" Stadium, Razgrad


Cherno more

Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, First league, 10th round

Ludogorets defeated Cherno More, Keseru scored twice

29 September 2018

Ludogorets showed their good condition just days before the Europa League game against Zurich. The champions achieved a devastating 5:1 win over Cherno More and they are now second overall with only three points less than the leader Levski.

The game began as usual. Ludogorets was in control of the ball and the team from Varna chose to stay in their half. Ludogorets opened the score in the 12th minute after a wonderful attack. Cicinho passed to Wanderson but he let Keseru get it. The Romanian returned to Wanderson and he scored easily. Three minutes later the champions created a nice counter attack. Wanderson passed to Campanharo, but he missed. Cherno More almost made the score even in the 27th minute. Iliev kicked the ball from the foul point. Vasilev jumped higher than Moti and tried to score with his head but the ball hit the crossbar.

The home team began the second half with a fast pace. They were able to secure the win in only a couple of minutes. Nedyalkov passed to Bakalov in the 47th minute. He passed to Keseru and second goal happened immediately. The guest team made a mistake and the ball went to Keseru again, but his attempt to score was saved by the keeper. After that Panayotov tried to stop Bakalov but he failed and the midfielder added a third goal. This is was his first one after he returned to Ludogorets.

Cherno More was able to return a goal in the 55th minute. Iliev sent the ball to N’Dongala from the corner point. The defense of Ludogorets did not intervene well and the player from Congo jumped higher than Marcelinho and scored with his head. Cicinho passed to Bakalov in the 62nd minute and he was able to accurately pass it to Marcelinho. The Brazilian set the ball in the best position and left no chance for the keeper to save, making the score 4:1. Later the player gave his shirt to a fan. Enchev was close to scoring in the 67th minute, but after a quick shuffle Renan saved. Just four minutes later the final goal was scored. Marcelino and Bakalov created an attack, after which the ball went to Keseru who scored the fifth goal.


1:0 Wanderson (11')
2:0 Keseru (47')
3:0 Bakalov (48')
3:1 N’Dongala (55')
4:1 Marcelinho (62')
5:1 Keseru (71')

LUDOGORETS: Renan, Forster, Cicinho, Moti, Nedyalkov, Dyakov (74 – Mahlangu), Campanharo (78 – Sasha), Wanderson, Bakalov, Marcelinho, Keseru

CHERNO MORE: Kitanov, Conongo (83 – Yanchev), Dimov, Enchev, Stanchev, Minchev, Iliev (65 – Kiki), Panayotov, Vasilev, N’Dongala (78 – Kostadinov)

Yellow card: Moti (Ludogorets).


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