First league, 4th round
12 August 2018, 18:30


0 : 2



"City" Stadium, Bistritsa



Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, First league, 4th round

Ludogorets defeated Vitosha in Bistritsa

12 August 2018

Ludogorets defeated 2:0 Vitosha as the guest team in Bistritsa. ‘The Eagles’ performed better during the whole game but they still missed a lot of situations and the first half ended with a 0:0 score.

The head manager Paulo Autuori decided to leave Marcelinho, Wanderson, Keseru, Cicinho and Natanael on the replacement bench because of the upcoming rematch against Zrinjski. Four Bulgarian players were included in the main composition – Panov, Terziev, Nedyalkov and Dyakov. Paulo was the main attacker for the first time this season.

Misidjan passed to Paulo in the 2nd minute but the keeper Georgiev saved. The home team responded and Kotev’s attempt was saved by Renan. ‘The Eagles’ missed again in the 13th minute when Lukoki was faster than Gochev who diverted his path, which is why his kick sent the ball into Georgiev’s body. Vitosha made a mistake in the 20th minute. Paulo received a pass from Campanharo and tried to score. Georgiev kicked the ball back straight to Misidjan who scored immediately. However, the goal was cancelled due to an offside. Ludogorets was close to a goal again after that situation. Dyakov passed to Paulo and the Brazilian tried to score but hit the woodwork. Lukoki tried to do the same but the ball went into the body of one of Vitosha’s players. In the following counter-attack Hristov kicked the ball towards the gate but he was not accurate. These were the best moments in the first half.

Ludogorets set the pace in the second half but there were no situations in the first ten minutes. Autuori did not like that and replaced Paulo with Keseru. This resulted in the increasing of the pace. Misidjan was able to score with a nice parabolic shot in the 65th minute. Ten minutes later Marcelinho passed to Keseru with his heel. The Romanian scored by kicking the ball low. This was Keseru’s first goal for the season. He even scored again in the 86th minute, but this goal was also canceled due to an offside.

Moti almost scored an own goal in the end after he tried to clear the ball but it went very close by Renan’s gate.

Ludogorets will play against Zrinjski on Thursday in another game of the third Europa League qualification round.


0:1 Misidjan (65')
0:2 Keseru (75')

Vitosha: Georgiev, Gochev (73 – Renia), Kupenov, Mutafchiyski, Kotev (91 – Kochilov), Gyonov, Tsankov, Lazarov (82 – Petrov), Amzin, Hristov, Milev

Ludogorets: Renan, Nedyalkov, Panov (62 – Natanael), Terziev, Moti, Goralski, Campanharo, Dyakov (72 – Marcelinho), Misidjan, Lukoki, Paulo (56 – Keseru)

Yellow cards: Gochev, Kotev (Vitosha); Moti, Goralski, Lukoki (Ludogorets).

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