Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
25 July 2018, 20:00


0 : 0


MOL Vidi

"Ludogorets Arena" Stadium, Razgrad


MOL Vidi F. C.

Match Center

SEASON 2018/19, Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage

Ludogorets missed the chance to defeat MOL Vidi

25 July 2018

Ludogorets achieved an even 0:0 score against MOL Vidi in the first game of the second qualification round of the Champions League. Ludogorets would probably regret not winning this game more than their competitor because they were better the whole time. The visiting team managed to respond to the home team’s attacks well. The Hungarian team’s goal was to not let a loss happen. This was the fifth game in row in which the Bulgarian champion’s gate remained intact, but they did not score as well. Ludogorets’ players were able to attempt a goal fifteen times, but their efficiency was low.

The home team’s coach Paulo Autuori decided to keep the team composition from the 1:0 win against Etar in the first round of First league. Renan was at the gate, guarded by Cicinho, Moti, Forster and Natanael, with Dyakov and Sasha ahead of the. Wanderson, Marcelinho and Misidjan were behind the attacker Keseru’s back.

MOL Vidi’s coach Marko Nikolic decided to leave his scorer Lazovic as a replacement player, because he wanted to add more midfielders to the team composition. However, Nikolic had an unpleasant surprise when one of his main midfielders, Hadzic, was injured during the warm-up and the Macedonian Nikolov replaced him.

Ludogorets began creating pressure on their opponent from the start. Sasha and Misidjan tried to score but a goal was not scored. Marcelinho and Sasha passed to each other a few times and Sasha kicked the ball, but it went into the keeper’s body. Seconds later Wanderson outplayed a couple of defenders and attempted goal, but Fiola stopped the ball before it reached the goal line. Marcelinho passed to Keseru in the 24th minute, but the Romanian missed the gate. Misidjan passed to Marcelinho in the 27th minute, but he stepped on the ball and fell to the ground, missing his chance. Marcelinho tried to score three minutes later, but the keeper saved after the ball made a ricochet. Natanael kicked the ball from the foul point in the added time, but he was not accurate.

 The second half began with a goal opportunity for the visiting team. Stopira was no match for Renan from a close distance. The home team quickly became dominant after that. Wanderson received the ball after a corner in the 55th minute, but he missed the gate.

Paulo Autuori replaced Keseru with Swierczok in the 60th minute, and Campanharo replaced Sasha. The Brazilian attempted a goal, but the ball went over the crossbar. Swierczok tried the keeper’s reflexes, too, and in the 74th minute he passed to Marcelinho, who was knocked down in the penalty zone right after an offside was announced, but there was no such situation. The Swedish referee Bojan Pandzic had a few controversial decisions like not admitting a few fouls in favor of the home team. Misidjan passed to Marcelinho in the 82nd minute, but he was not accurate enough.

The rematch is scheduled for the 1st of August at ‘Pancho Arena” in the Hungarian village Felcsut.


Ludogorets: Renan, Cicinho, Moti, Forster, Natanael, Dyakov, Sasha (61 – Campanharo), Wanderson, Marcelinho, Misidjan (84 – Lukoki), Keseru (60 – Swierczok)

MOL Vidi: Kovacsik, Vinisius, Fiola, Nikolov (71 – Lazovic), Huszti, Kovac (83 – Patcai), Nego, Stopira, Juhasz, Varga, Scepovic

Yellow cards: Juhasz, Nego, Kovac, Huszti (MOL Vidi).


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