First league, 28th round
6 April 2018, 17:00



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SEASON 2017/18, First league, 28th round

Dimitar Dimitrov: The championship will not end after this game

4 April 2018

The head coach of Ludogorets Dimitar Dimitrov spoke at a press conference two days before the game against CSKA-Sofia in Razgrad.

- Mr. Dimitrov, will this game be equally matched or a nervous one?
- It is hard to speak about a game about which there is a lot of tension. The final score is what both teams care about. I hope that the game will be pleasant to watch and the spectators will enjoy it.

- What is the importance of this game? The two main competitors for the title meet.
- These games are pretty much equal to six points for the winner. Of course, the championship will not end after this game. We have eight more rounds to go until the season finale. Whoever wins this game will have a serious psychological advantage.

- The competitor is excited and hopes to win the title, and Ludogorets is rather calm. The team is used to winning consecutive titles. Will this affect both teams’ motivation?
- I would rather not comment on the other team, all I can do is talk about ours. The players know how important this game is, and they know it is also a matter of honor. I believe in our players and they have proven their qualities. I hope we take the win.

- Could the last time you lost to CSKA-Sofia motivate your players now?
- I guess they will be a bit more motivated, yes. It is a matter of honor for us to win this game. The boys know that we need this win. I want to see them play like really can and if that happens, we will surely win.

- Are you motivated more to win now than against other teams?
- I am always motivated in every game we have, regardless of the competitor. I respect all the other teams and motivation is not the most important thing.

- What do you thing is the reason for the tension around every game between Ludogorets and CSKA-Sofia?
- There are a lot of factors that I would rather not comment on now. These factors are one too many. As I already said, I want to see quality football and may the better team win.

- Is everything okay with the team?
- The only issue we have is Wanderson’s injury, but there is a 50:50 chance for him to play on Friday.

- Do you think that CSKA-Sofia are not on the same level as the last season?
- I already told you that I do not want to comment on the other team and I will be the last person to do it. If they are close to us in the overall rating, this means they have the right qualities.

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