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Ludogorets closed the Bulgarian army with a champion win

Ludogorets showed who the champion is and beat CSKA 1:0 in the last match on the Bulgarian Army. The goal was scored by substitute Spas Delev in the...

Ludogorets showed who the champion is and beat CSKA 1:0 in the last match on the Bulgarian Army. The goal was scored by substitute Spas Delev in the 108th minute.

There were three changes in the composition of Georgi Dermendzhiev. Sergio Padt returned in goal for youngster Damian Hristov, and Sonko Sundberg replaced Franco Russo. Son started on the right in place of Aslack von Witry, who picked up an injury in the warm-up. Ivan Yordanov was left back, as Anton Nedyalkov dropped out of the Ludogorets group.

The first better chance for a goal opened up for the guests in the 8th minute. Bernard Tekeptey shot hard from the free-kick, but Gustavo Busato saves. Ten minutes later, Amos Juga found himself in a position to shoot, but was blocked at the last moment. In the 31st minute, CSKA created their first chance of the match, Nazon found Tobias Heinz well on the right, who immediately attempted a pass to the uncovered Marcelino Carreaso. The ball bounced and skipped over the onrushing Colombian.

Then the nerves got the better of them and Marcelino Carreaso and Brian Cordoba received yellow cards in a very short time. The defender fouled Kwadwo Duah and disputed the official warning, which caused him to come dangerously close to referee Dragomir Draganov. He even pocketed the red card out of respect and this seemed to startle Cordoba, who moved away from the situation.

At the end of the first half, Duquesne Nazon, who was the most active on the field, fought off Olivier Verdon and passed to Jonathan Lindseth, whose shot was very weak. Shortly after, the Haitian also tried his luck, but there was no accuracy.

At the break, Nestor El Maestro took Ivan Turitsov out of the game and replaced him with Emmanuel Shakic. At the beginning of the second half, Caio Vidal escaped precisely from the Austrian, feinted him and got into a great position, but did not hit the goal. Immediately after, Tobias Heinz broke free from Ivan Yordanov and shot, the ball bounced off Verdon and missed the target.

Shortly after this situation, the meeting was interrupted for about 10 minutes because of lit smoke and torches.

After play resumed, CSKA coach Nestor El Maestro, satisfied with the few chances created, took Matias Phaeton off and replaced him with Michael Estrada. In the 79th minute, Heinz crossed from a corner to the uncovered Amos Juga, who headed the ball into the ground, but went over the goal.

Seconds later, Ludogorets coach Georgi Dermendzhiev received a serious blow after Ivan Yordanov, who started the match on fire, got injured and was replaced by the experienced Georgi Terziev.

At the end of regular time, Caio Vidal once again created difficulties for the Reds' defense, but this time his shot was also not accurate.

In the final minutes, Nestor El Maestro went boldly forward, taking midfielder Carreaso off and replacing him with striker Danilo Asprilha. In the 91st minute, Gustavo Busato saved CSKA. Jakub Piotrowski shot very powerfully from the edge of the penalty area, but the Brazilian keeper stretched and cleared acrobatically. After this situation, the meeting was again interrupted due to smoke and flares. After the restart Duquesne Nazon shot but very weakly.

In the 119th minute Ludogorets scored a goal. After Piotrowski's pass, Rick came out in a very clean position and found the uncovered Spas Delev, who could not make a mistake - 1:0 for the Eagles. By the end, the nerves were on the rise, and Dragomir Draganov continued for 25 minutes.

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CSKA - Ludogorets 0:1
League table Parva liga, 37th round
1. Ludogorets 82
2. Cherno more 75
3. CSKA-Sofia 67
4. Levski 64
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 58
6. Krumovgrad 49


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