Interview 30 November 2022

Simundza before Levski: The first match is the most important

The coach of Ludogorets, Ante Simundza, gave a press conference before tomorrow's match with Levski, which has been postponed from the VI round of...

The coach of Ludogorets, Ante Simundza, gave a press conference before tomorrow's match with Levski, which has been postponed from the VI round of the efbet League.

"Since I came here, we don't think about the second and third games. Therefore, the most important match is the upcoming one, we will not change that. A tough match, we will face a quality opponent. I agree that the situation is more specific because in 4 days we will play twice with the same opponent. The focus is on the first game. When I analyze Levski, it will be difficult to change the analysis in 2-3 days. What I expect is that they will probably try to change the formation in one of the two games. Our focus is on the upcoming game on Thursday because it is the most important game at the moment," Simundza began.

"When we play matches every 2-3 days it is a privilege because it means we are successful. The training level of energy and motivation is very high, which is good. The half-season isn't over. We have two more games. All the competitions we participate in are very important. Winning every game is an important goal for us," added the coach.

He also commented on the matches with Levski last year, when Ludogorets dropped out of the Bulgarian Cup tournament. "That was last year, Levski's victory. I always tell the players that what happened yesterday is history, we can't change anything. I don't think they will have more motivation because of the previous game. The big motivation is that we will play against one of the biggest clubs in Bulgaria. We want to be the best,” he said.

"I don't think that only in Ludogorets there are thoughts of a vacation. This is a fact. What I saw in training, what I see and have seen, the motivation and the energy that the players show is at a very high level. They show that they are professionals,” Simundza said.

He also commented on a question related to whether the World Cup matches are commented on in the team. "If we don't say anything about the World Cup, before and after training, you would think something is wrong with us. It's normal there is competition between players. All this brings only positive emotions," added Ludogorets coach.

"The situation is very specific. I said it doesn't matter where you sit at the table, because derbies bring a lot of energy and motivation. It won't be any different now," the Slovenian concluded.

  • Dinamo (Minsk)
    Wednesday, 31 July 2024, 21:45
    Champions league, 2nd Qualifying Stage
    Mezőkövesdi Városi Stadium, Mezőkövesd, Hungary

League table Parva liga, 1st round
1. Levski 3
2. Botev (Plovdiv) 3
3. Spartak (Varna) 3
4. Beroe 3
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 3
6. Ludogorets 3
7. Krumovgrad 3
8. Cherno more 1
9. CSKA 1948 1
10. CSKA-Sofia 0
11. Slavia 0
12. Septemvri (Sofia) 0
13. Arda 0
14. Botev (Vratsa) 0
15. Hebar 0
16. Lokomotiv (Sofia) 0


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