Reporting 1 February 2019

Ludogorets defeated 4:3 Akhmat

Ludogorets achieved their second win in Turkey after defeating 4:3 Akhmat (Grozny). Yankov scored his debut goal, and Anicet, Natanael and Bakalov...

Ludogorets achieved their second win in Turkey after defeating 4:3 Akhmat (Grozny). Yankov scored his debut goal, and Anicet, Natanael and Bakalov scored the other three.

The team played really good, especially during the first half when all four goals were scored. Ribeiro attempted a scissor shot in the 3rd minute but missed the gate. Lukoki created a couple of attacks after that and the ball went into the corner in the 11th minute. He kicked the ball and an Akhmat defender tried to cleat it, but it went in front of Anicet who immediately scored a goal. Akhmat reacted and returned a goal when Ravaneli outplayed Natanael and passed to Balay who made the score even. The champions took the lead again in the 21st minute when Natanael performed a direct free kick in the best possible way. Ten minutes later the young and talented player Yankov showed his skills and outplayed two defenders, scoring a third goal for his team. Lukoki passed to Ribeiro in the 41st minute and he attempted a goal, but the keeper kicked the ball back. It went straight to Bakalov who added a fourth goal, making the score 4:1.

Rahimov’s players picked up some pace and created a few situations. Broun made a mistake in the 59th minute which caused the referee to rule a penalty shot for Akhmat. Berisa had no trouble scoring. Yusein made his unofficial debut for Ludogorets in this game. Broun saved what was supposed to be a goal in the 71st minute. Berisa outplayed Terziev in the 89th minute but Broun missed the chance to grab the ball. He kicked it towards Berisa instead, and the ball went back into the net, shaping the final 4:3 score.


1:0 Anicet 11')
1:1 Balay (17')
2:1 Natanael (21')
3:1 Yankov (31')
4:1 Bakalov (41')
4:2 Berisa (59') – penalty shot
4:3 Berisa (89')

Ludogorets: Broun, Natanael, Terziev, Grigore (65 – Forster), Sasha, Dyakov (46 – Goralski), Anicet (46 – Yusein), Yankov (57 – Mahlangu), Ribeiro (65 – Paulo), Bakalov, Lukoki (65 – Popa)

Akhmat: Gorodov, Utsiev, Semenov, Wilker (46 – Pliev), Ivanov, Schwetz (46 – Berisa), Silva, Ravaneli, Shimanski, Sadulaev (46 – Mbeng (76 – Mitrisev)), Balay (46 – Kharin)

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Ludogorets - Akhmat 4:3

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Ludogorets - Akhmat 4:3
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League table efbet League, 9th round
1. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 19
2. Ludogorets 1945 17
3. Beroe (St. Zagora) 15
4. CSKA 14
5. CSKA 1948 13
6. Tsarsko selo 13
7. Arda (Kardzhali) 13
8. Botev (Vratsa) 12
9. Levski (Sofia) 11
10. Cherno more (Varna) 11
11. Montana 11
12. Botev (Plovdiv) 9
13. Slavia (Sofia) 7
14. Etar (Veliko Tarnovo) 2

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