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Ludogorets beat Dinamo Tbilisi 2:1

Ludogorets beat 1981 National Cup Winners' Cup winners Dinamo Tbilisi 2-1 in another friendly game in Turkey. The Eagles got off to a flying start,...

Ludogorets beat 1981 National Cup Winners' Cup winners Dinamo Tbilisi 2-1 in another friendly game in Turkey. The Eagles got off to a flying start, with first Spas Delev breaking down the left flank and crossing into the Dinamo penalty area, where Jorginho headed but over the crossbar for an out. The referee awarded a penalty in the 13th minute for the Eagles for a foul on Matias Tissera in the penalty area of the Georgian team. It was the injured argentinian who took the penalty in the 14th minute and converted, sending the ball into the right corner of the Dinamo goal as Luka Kutaladze dived down the left.

Ante Simundza's side began to press and moments later after a corner, the ball was centered in the Dinamo's penalty area and reached Jakub Piotrowski, who shot from a small angle but wide of the left side post of Kutaladze's goal.

In the 53rd minute, the 17-year-old goalkeeper of Ludogorets Umut Habil, who replaced Simon Sluga, organized a dangerous attack for Ludogorets, trying to find Tissera in forward positions. The argentine fought for the ball and tried to combine with his teammate in front of the penalty area. After the ensuing play, Tabidze played with his hand, and the Bulgarian team received the right to take a free kick. Spas Delev shoots dangerously, but wide of the goal.

Seconds later, Spas Delev tried to take revenge for his miss from the penalty spot and was very close to scoring. He made a wonderful direct free kick, but the ball went inches wide of the left post of the goalkeeper of the Georgian team. A strange but very dangerous shot by Manuel Shaw followed, but it also missed the target.

Then a wonderful save by the young goalkeeper Umut Habil. He kicked Kirkitadze, who came out alone against him, on the ground.

In the 70th minute, Matias Tissera made a big mistake. He received a pass from the left by Anton Nedyalkov, but completely uncovered did not hit the goal. Just a few seconds later, the argentine missed again. This time, Tissera masterfully freed himself from a defender, but the Georgian goalkeeper stopped him.

A post for Dinamo Tbilisi followed, which was hit by Mali. In the end, the Georgians equalized through Imran Omar. He performed a good foul on the side of the goal, the ball fooled 17-year-old Umut Habil - 1:1.

Until the end Ludogorets pressed. First, luck saved the Georgians after a shot by Despodov from a foul and a subsequent ricochet. Then Dominik Yankov found himself in a clear position, but was unable to overcome the goalkeeper. Dinamo Tbilisi's defense collapsed in the 88th minute. Then Despodov executed a wonderful corner kick, and Anton Nedyalkov headed the ball into the goal of the Georgians.

In addition to the 17-year-old goalkeeper Umut Habil, three more youngsters entered the game for Ludogorets - Ioan Yordanov, Alex Lukanov and Valentin Tsvetanov.

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Ludogorets - Dinamo (Tbilisi) 2:1
League table Parva liga, 37th round
1. Ludogorets 82
2. Cherno more 75
3. CSKA-Sofia 67
4. Levski 64
5. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 58
6. Krumovgrad 49


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