Young talents from Slovenia and Slovakia added to the team of Ludogorets

19.08.2011 .  | Transfers

Jacub Hronec, the under-19 Slovakian national youth player, signed a contract with Ludogorets today. The ofensive half was trained in the Birmingham academy and has participated in games for the starting team. He passed a trial period in Ludogorets, impressing the training staff of the team.

Second player, added to Ludogorets today, is the left back Yuri Travner. The defender is born in Slovenia, on September 28th, 1985. He played consecutively in some local clubs, and then, in 2009, he joined the English team Watford. A year later he was sold to the Scotish Saint Mirren, where he became a constant titular, and he even scored against Aberdeen. Adding him to the team, Ludogorets is now increasing the level of competition in the left area defense.

Next week, a young central defender is about to join the team - a famous European team player, having as a part of his sport career games played for the national under-19 formation of his country.

Adding young talents with impressive sport careers and participations in national formations, is part of the longterm development strategy of Ludogorets. The team has made his debut in First Division and already has some young players, who have defended their national flags.

: Jacub Hronec

Ludogorets with another step towards the title

09.04.2014 .  | Reporting

Ludogorets made another step to defending the title. 6000 people witnessed the 2:0 defeat over Levski and the champions continue to lead with eight points before Litex and eleven points ...

Ludogorets with a wrong move in Plovdiv

05.04.2014 .  | Reporting

Ludogorets couldnt defeat Lokomotiv Plovdiv on their stadium Lauta in the derby of the XXXI round of NEWS 7 Football Championship. The match finished 1:1. Now the champions are eight ...

Ludogorets goes to the semi-final of the Cup of Bulgaria after another win over Litex

02.04.2014 .  | Reporting

Ludogorets qualified for the semi-final of the Cup of Bulgaria after a new victory over Litex. The champions team returned from 0:1 to 2:1 and goes on in the tournament ...

Ludogorets took only one point from Botev Plovdiv

30.03.2014 .  | Reporting

Ludogorets didnt manage to defeat Botev Plovdiv in the derby of the round. 5000 viewers witnessed the 1:1 draw with the canaries. Now the champions are leaders in the ...

Fortuna is the name of the Ludogorets eagle

30.03.2014 .  | Club

The fans of Ludogorets gave a name to the new talisman of the club the beautiful eagle Fortuna. The name of the Greek goddess of happiness and luck ...

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Apr/23/2014, 18:00h
Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)
PFC Ludogorets
Cup of Bulgaria, 1/2 final,
Lokomotiv, Plovdiv
League Table
A league
34th round
1. PFC Ludogorets 70
2. Litex 65
3. CSKA 64
4. Botev (Plovdiv) 57
5. Levski 53
6. Cherno more 51
7. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 49
8. Beroe 52
9. Slaviya 46
10. Lokomotiv (Sofiya) 45
11. PSFK Chernomorets AD 38
12. Pirin (Goce Delchev) 19
13. Neftochimic 19
14. Lubimets 18
15. 0
16. 0