Ludogorets signed with a talanted left back

05.06.2012 „.  | Transfers

Ludogorets has successfully finalized the negotiations on buying the rights of the 23-year-old left back Uilson De Souza Paula Júnior Ė Caiçara.
During the last season the defender was a constant part of the starting eleven of the elite Portuguese team Gil Vicente.

He was trained by the Brazilian team Santo Andre. The talented defender is 172 cm tall and weighs 65 kg.
This is the second of the most expensive transfers of Ludogorets, since the team is in A PFG. Attracting Caiçara is a part of the training staffís strategy for Ludogoretsís successful presentation in Champions league.
Itís the third new entry after contracts being signed with the Dutch midfielder Mitchell Burgzorg and the national team goalkeeper Ivan Chvorovich. Caiçaraís contract is for 3 years. Tomorrow he will join Ludogoretsís training camp.

Ludogorets received the cup after 3:1 over Cherno More

18.05.2014 „.  | Reporting

Ludogorets defeated Cherno More with 3:1 and finished the season in a champions way. Choco, Junior Quixada and the debutant from the youth academy Kristian Kitov scored for the ...

Ludogorets knocked out Botev and took the Cup of Bulgaria

15.05.2014 „.  | Reporting

Ludogorets continues with writing history. After becoming champions for the third time in a row, ďthe eaglesĒ won the Cup of Bulgaria defeating Botev (Plovdiv) with 1:0 on ďLazurĒ stadium. ...

Ludogorets with a historical third title

07.05.2014 „.  | Reporting

Ludogorets is a champion for the third time. With an early goal from Roman Bezjak ďthe eaglesĒ defeated Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) and are already unreachable on the top of the ranking ...

Ludogorets is on three points from the Title

03.05.2014 „.  | Reporting

Ludogorets took draw as a guest to Botev (Plovdiv) in Komatevo in the the first match of the XXXVII round of NEWS 7 football championship. Thus the "Eagles" are on ...

Ludogorets touched the Title after 1:0 vs CSKA

30.04.2014 „.  | Reporting

Ludogorets made a dreadful match and overwhelmed CSKA in the Derby for the Title. The "Eagles" won 1:0 only, but the score might be quite different if even a half ...

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League Table
A league
7th round
1. CSKA 16
2. Botev (Plovdiv) 14
3. Litex 13
4. PFC Ludogorets 12
5. Beroe 12
6. Lokomotiv (Sofiya) 11
7. Levski 10
8. Marek 7
9. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) 6
10. Slaviya 5
11. Cherno more 5
12. Haskovo 4
13. 0
14. 0